The Little Pony is back

The Little Pony Is back

This year we have brought back Little Pony & Company who featured at the Fair for the first time last year and was a definite highlight for all the little ones on the ground who thoroughly enjoyed these fun and lovable ponies.

Little Pony and Company has been in existence for the past six years. They will be featuring their ponies on Saturday (02/03/2019) and during our Tongaat Child Welfare Checkout Children’s Carnival on Sunday (03/03/2019). Little Pony & Company have three horses and five ponies who love to party. One of their ponies named Nappi, has been involved in many exciting adventures from being a ring bearer in a wedding to photo shoots, pulling his carriage, giving rides and just hanging out with his fans and is often involved in fundraisers and has a passion for all his little fans. The ponies were also involved in Durban Botanical Gardens Trail of Lights giving over a thousand rides to the kiddies of Durban and surrounds. Little Pony and Company has been awarded one of the top twenty five activities in Durban by Active Activities KZN.

Learning is fun with our Edufair Programme. The Edufair Programme starts on Thursday, 28th February for primary school children and Friday, 1st March for our secondary schools. On Saturday (2nd March) & Sunday (3rd March), there are also many interactive stage activities and fun kiddies acts lined up to ensure that your little ones are kept entertained.

Another treat for the community is The Tongaat Child Welfare Checkout Children’s Carnival, which will be held on Sunday, 3rd March from 9h00 to 12h00. All children under the age of 12 enter free. The first 2500 children between the ages of 2 to 12 years old will receive goody bags courtesy of the Checkout supermarket Group. There are also tons of prizes to be won all brought to you by the Checkout Supermarket Group.