Schools Breakfast

The Schools Breakfast programme was initiated due to research undertaken which indicated that many learners attended school without having breakfast. There last meal was dinner.

These learners experienced extreme difficulty concentrating and were usually lethargic in class. Recent academic research has shown consistent connections among hunger reduction, improved nutrition and children’s learning.

In view of these findings the Tongaat Child and Family Welfare Society introduced the Schools Breakfast programme.

Morvite, a nutritional cereal mixed with water is provided to indigent learners.

At the commencement of the programme there were 259 beneficiaries, however currently in 2015 we serve breakfast to 2426 beneficiaries.

The Schools Breakfast Programme was also extended to Secondary School Learners.

The breakfast meal costs 30 cents per child per day, R1-50 per week and R6-00 per month.

The Breakfast Programme is being held at the following schools:

  • La Mercy Primary
  • Trubel Primary/Belfrost Primary
  • Silverdale Primary
  • Emona Primary
  • Hambanathi Primary
  • Sarasvati Primary
  • Fairbreeze Secondary
  • Belverton Primary
  • Sandfields Primary
  • Flambel Primary
  • Philo’s Crèche
  • Nkosibomvu Secondary
  • Mbonisweni Primary
  • Sandfields Primary
  • Isnembe primary


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