Harold Maistry

It is that time of the year again when the community of Tongaat and the neighbouring towns make their way to the Outspan Grounds for five days of fun; all for a good cause. The Charity Fair has become a prominent feature on our town’s social calendar and Tongaat Child Welfare Society has “pulled out all stops” to make Tongaat Fair 2016 a memorable one.

We rebranded our Charity Fair and is now called the Tongaat Fair with a unique logo and its own identity. This year’s theme is all things green, in keeping with the beginning of Spring. In keeping with new beginnings we have engaged a bold ensemble of artists. We have planned the biggest outdoor party in Tongaat complete with world class sound and laser lighting.

In keeping with our motto of “Bigger and Better”; Charity Fair 2016 promises to be a festival of entertainment with international and nationally acclaimed artists like DJ Euphonik, Gareth Cliff, DJ Deon Govender and Sketchy Bongo. Adding to this line up would be up and coming music sensations like Vinesa Naidoo and Deshan “Styler” Naidoo. Kwini Kuza and Vishwashakthi have made the North Coast proud with their awe inspiring performances by our talented youth.

For the first time we have Crocodile Creek and Pony Rides on the Fair.

We are proud to say that for an entrance fee of R20 for adults and R5 for children, this is without doubt value for money. You would never get to see the quality of entertainment at these prices anywhere in the country.

Our Edufair programme allows our children from our poorest communities to attend the Fair due to our reduced entrance fares and reduced restaurant prices. Our Senior Citizens special dedication day brings together all our Town’s senior citizens, not only to visit the Fair at reduced rates, but also to showcase their singing, acting and dancing talents.

On Sunday, we have partnered with the Checkout Group and have planned the largest Children’s Carnival in Tongaat. Entrance to the ground on Sunday, 4 September between 9h00 and 12h00 would be free for children under the age of 12. The first 1500 children between the ages of 2 to 12 years old would receive free goodie bags sponsored by the Checkout Group.

The Charity Fair, apart from being a social event for the community of Tongaat, has a deeper significance as proceeds are utilized to provide much needed services such as professional welfare services, Aids programme, drug awareness, child protection skills and poverty alleviation projects. The Truro Empowerment Centre has been made possible through the support of the community of Tongaat.

It is impossible to put together and co-ordinate an event of the Fair’s magnitude without support from a number of people and organisations.

We extend our gratitude to the business houses as well as the legal and medical fraternity for their financial support.

The support of most of our local business houses, legal and medical fraternity has been unstinting through the past 26 years and we are blessed to have their continued support.They obviously see the good work undertaken by our Society. We sincerely do hope that non-supportive business houses will soon see the light.

The schools in Tongaat who continue to give their unwavering support for all our initiatives and in particular for the Charity Fair, we are indeed grateful.

We also record our sincere thanks to the South African Police Force, Metropolitan Police Service, Metropolitan Fire Department and the eThekwini Municipality's Parks, Solid Waste, Electricity, Water, Maintenance, Business Licensing and Health Service Units and our local councillors for all their assistance.

To the hundreds of volunteers and their families who sacrifice their personal time to ensure that our Charity Fair is a success, we remain forever indebted to you.

Last but not least, the community of Tongaat who have always heeded our call to support our Tongaat Fair.

As always, the Fair offers something for everyone. We look forward to seeing you and your family there!

The Tongaat Child Welfare Tongaat Fair is the place to be where best value entertainment for the whole family is our motto. See you at Tongaat Fair 2016.