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Tongaat Child & Welfare Society

Our History

It was on 5th February 1939 that the Tongaat branch  of the Natal Indian Congress established a separate committee to cater for the welfare needs of its community, especially the children. It did not take long for the officials to realize that this committee needed to operate autonomously. Thus was born the Tongaat Child Welfare Society and Community Centre on 2nd February 1941.

As the juristic boundary of Verulam [Inanda] only extended to the Tongaat River, the population in the north, Maidstone Barracks, Fairbreeze, Sandfields and Block Barracks were being serviced by the Magistrate of Stanger [ Lower Tugela] for this reason, a second Society viz Fairbreeze Child Welfare Society , with people like the late Mr Sheik Mohideen, O M Khan and S S Pillay , at the helm ,served the needs of the community in the north.

What we do

Therapeutic Services

As a leading provider of welfare services, the Tongaat Child and Family Welfare Society is committed to alleviating and eradicating social problems through effective programmes so that lives of individuals and families are enhanced. 

Homework Centres

The Homework Centres offers an environment that is conducive to learning and completing homework. Our research has shown that a number of learners do not have adequate facilities to complete their homework due to overcrowding, etc.

Schools Breakfast

The Schools Breakfast programme was initiated due to research undertaken which indicated that many learners attended school without having breakfast. There last meal was dinner.

Domestic Empowerment

The Domestic Empowerment Training Course is aimed at equipping people with skills which would provide opportunities in the hotel and catering industries or in the SMME sector.

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